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Super Hit Action Movie Aandhi Toofan (1985)

Synopsis : Inspector Ranjeet Singh is in love with lovely Sheela and both are to get married soon with the blessings of their respective families. Shortly after the formal marriage ceremony, Ranjeet is informed that notorious biker-gangster, Balbir, has been spotted in the vicinity. He leaves his bride and chases Balbir on horseback, manages to apprehend him, handcuffs him and holds him in a cell. However, Balbir escapes, massacres Ranjeet's family, and when Ranjeet goes to re-capture him, he himself gets captured, his hands and feet are tied and he is hung on a tree with a noose around his neck. Sheela tries to save him, but in vain. Now years have passed, the police have failed to capture Balbir, and Sheela is obsessed with revenge and hires two men, Balwant "Balu" Yadav, and Raghunath "Raghu" Shastri, to capture Balbir alive and bring him to her. When Balbir finds out that Balu and Raghu are after him, he goes after their village folks, killing several people, including newly-weds Jaanu and Bhanu. Balu and Raghu are enraged and want to kill Balbir at all and any cost. Will this rage to kill Balbir take over the promise they made to Sheela? And will Balbir permit them to live long enough to avenge themselves?
Duration: 2 Hour, 23 Minute, 28 Second
Rating: 3.73 - Good
Definition: HD
Published: 6 Years Ago

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